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Central Square Ballarat | Leasing
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For information on leasing opportunities contact:

Retail Leasing Executive

t: +61 3 9672 6517

m: 0413 026 691

f: +61 3 9600 1715

Specialty Mall Leasing

At Central Square

Short term specialty mall leasing provides an exciting, high exposure, interactive and low cost medium that provides the perfect opportunity to promote your business. It is suited to:

  • Sales and merchandising.
  • Product launches and demonstrations & sampling.
  • Lead generation & brand awareness campaigns.
  • Services marketing – and service/product displays.
  • Education marketing and fund raising.
  • Public sector information campaigns.

We have in excess of five mall sites both powered and un-powered and on occasions stores available.

Visit specialtymallleasing to learn about our specialty mall leasing sites, their availability, pricing and the procedures to utilize these for your business.

You may also call the Specialty Mall Leasing Team on

Phone: Toll Free 1300 768 588 or


Casual Leasing for Non-profit organisations / groups

At Central Square

For information on how we can assist your organisation / group, please contact Centre Management.

Phone:  03 5333 4330