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Central Square Ballarat | Fashion Trends – Sports Luxe
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Fashion Trends – Sports Luxe

Autumn fashion hero square

Fashion Trends – Sports Luxe

The ultimate in comfort, sports luxe is a trend for anyone who loves active wear and wants to style it up for every day!

Supre clothing

Style up sweats from Supre

The key to this trend is mixing casual jogger-style pants with more formal shoes, preferably heels, to lift your outfit to the next level. Teamed with a cropped structured jacket, it’s a style that works for Autumn weather with cooler mornings and warmer afternoons, the layers give you plenty of options with this fun look. It’s fresh and flirty, perfect for weekend trips to the local shops.

Roger David menswear

Smart casual gear from Roger David

You’ll find sports luxe gear at Supre, Roger David and a great pair of heels from Valpied Shoes or Spendless Shoes.


Spendless Shoes heels

Fierce heels from Spendless Shoes