Open for White Night

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Central Square will be open until midnight on Saturday 17 March.

Come to recharge in the food court with a quick bite to eat, have a drink and rest your legs before heading out into the crowds again.

The following stores will be open for White Night Ballarat:

  • BOOST Juice
  • Chequers
  • CS Cafe
  • Donut King
  • Sandwich Chefs
  • Singapore Kitchen
  • Subway
  • Tokyo Sushi Kitchen

Please note there may be slight variations in the menu to ensure that all customers are served as quickly as possible during the night.

Visit to plan your evening and be sure to include Central Square during your night.


Go bananas!

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AudioClinic invites you to go bananas on Friday 2 March!

Visit Central Square this Friday to chat with the hearing health experts from AudioClinic and enjoy a complimentary banana during your free hearing screening.

Why bananas? Bananas have high levels of potassium and can be used as a natural way to help protect against age-related hearing issues. Increased levels of potassium have been found to contribute to improving the fluid balance of minerals in the endolymph, a type of watery fluid within the inner ear.

You’ll find the fun and friendly AudioClinic team near the main entrance at Armstrong Street Sth and on level 1 near the AudioClinic store. Don’t be shy, stop by and have a chat with your local hearing health expert to test your ears at 60 years.

Find out more about the campaign for better hearing.

CarePark Ballarat Central

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Parking at Central Square Ballarat

Using CarePark Ballarat

The multistory car park adjacent to Central Square Ballarat is owned and operated by CarePark. Entry is via Dana Street (corner Doveton St South).

Collect a ticket as you enter the carpark. The Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) system will record your vehicle registration. If you stay less than 2 hours, the boom gate will open automatically as you exit. No need to scan your ticket. If you stay longer than 2 hours, you can pay at the exit station with a credit card (plus card surcharge fee).

If you don’t have a credit card, simply pay for your parking at an automated pay station before collecting your vehicle. Insert your ticket, pay the applicable fee using cash, collect your validated ticket and return to your vehicle then drive to the exit, insert your paid parking ticket to the machine to open the boom gate.  Automated pay stations are located on levels 2 and 6 of the car park.

Contact CarePark 

T: 03 9682 1733

PARKING RATES (as at January 2019)

Casual parking – Monday to Friday
0-2 hours FREE
2-4 hours $5.00
4+ hours maximum fee $9.00 (until the car park closes)

Casual parking – Saturday & Sunday
0-2 hours FREE
2+ hours maximum fee $4.00 (until the car park closes)

Early bird parking – Monday to Friday
It’s just $6.00 for any length of time provided you arrive before 11am and park on levels 9, 10, 11 or 12.

Monday to Thursday 6:30 am to 7:00 pm
Friday 6:30 am to 10:30 pm
Saturday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Frequently asked questions about CarePark

How does Licence Plate Recognition work?
LPR takes a photo of the customer’s licence plate on entry and should the customer be under the 2 hours (per day), the exit boom gate will automatically raise. Should the customer be over the 2 hours (per day) they will simply proceed to a pay station and pay the fee. Alternatively, pay at the exit station with a credit card only. The vehicle registration information is only stored on the system to verify a patron’s length of stay or conditions of the Early Bird parking.

Is early bird parking available?
Yes. Early Bird customers are required to enter before 11am and park on level 9 and above. To control this, the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) system will take a photo of their licence plate at the entry and then again on level 9, which will then apply the Early Bird rate on the customer’s ticket. Should an Early Bird customer not proceed past the level 9 LPR camera, casual rates will apply.

Are parking violations and fines issued?
Yes, should a customer not follow the Terms and Conditions for use of the car park, a Payment Notice will be issued. These cases are rare and generally only occur if a customer parks in a reserved car park or disabled park without a permit.

What happens if a customer stays longer than two hours and tries to exit without a paid or validated ticket?
The boom gate at the exit will not open without a validated ticket. If customers experience any difficulty, there is an intercom at the car park office (located near the exit) providing 24 hour customer service assistance.

If I park my car in the car park for less than two hours in the morning and then return in the afternoon, do I have to pay?
The LPR system will recognise your licence plate each time you enter and depart the car park. You will receive a total of 120 minutes parking on the same day. Yes, you can park for up to an hour in the morning, leave the car park and return later on the same day and you will be able to park for up to a total of two free hours (a combined total duration of both visits). Once this 120 minute time frame has been exceeded (even by a minute), you will be charged for the third hour of parking, so stay and enjoy a coffee or some more shopping!